10 best beaches in Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria is packed with great beaches from north to south of the island. Most of the best beaches in Gran Canaria on our list are located in the south of the island due to the constant temperatures throughout the year. This makes them a paradise for beach lovers.


Here is our list of the most popular beaches (not listed by popularity). As a bonus point, we have added some beaches that are off the beaten track. Mostly only the local manage to go to them but we think you might like them too.


Maspalomas beach is one of the best beaches on the island for its impressive sand dunes, the amazing sunsets, and its iconic lighthouse. This beach is 2,76 km long and it is the continuation of the Playa del Ingles beach.

Maspalomas 10 best beaches in Gran canaria

This beach is on a natural reserve known as the Maspalomas sand dunes Natural Reserve. This beach is covered in sand from the Sahara desert that has been depositing over the years and has formed beautiful dancing dunes that move with the wind. At the edge of the dunes natural reserve, there is a natural lagoon that attracts many species of birds, eels, and guppies.

There are many family-friendly services such as sunbeds and beach umbrella rentals, bathrooms, showers, and, snack stands. The nudist area starts at kiosk nº4 and at kiosk nº7 “El Siete” we have the area known for being the gay zone where many also meet to play volleyball and beach tennis.

It is important to mention that there are no lifeguards along the beach (only near the lighthouse). Use your common sense when swimming and be careful of the currents as they can get quite strong on windy days. If you are looking to do some watersports in Gran Canaria, next to the Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse, we have the perfect spot for surfers and bodyboarders.



Playa del ingles beach is one of the most popular resort beaches on the island.

Playa del Ingles best beaches in Gran Canaria

It is the continuation of the above mentioned Maspalomas beach. With almost 3 km long beach of golden sand and calm waters make it an ideal place for everyone to visit. There are many services next to the beach with a diverse range of restaurants and bars.

Here you’ll also be able to practice sports like bodyboarding, surfing, beach football, volleyball or beach tennis. There are many surf camps in Gran Canaria visiting this beach every day of the year. It’s a safe place to surf since there are no rocks and there are lifeguards along the beach till kiosks nº6. Around the area of that kiosk is also known for being a nudist zone.

Many people that stay in the resort of Playa del Ingles like to enjoy nice walks from this beach to the Maspalomas lighthouse which is not recommended on windy days.



San Agustín beach on the south of Gran Canaria is a nice and calm beach located in the resort under the same name. This 600-meter long beach is frequented by many locals during the weekends and summer months.

San Agustín beach gran canaria

For those with a car, this beach has a very easy to access it and you can leave your car in the free car park. There are not as many restaurants nor bars at the beach but the San Agustín shopping center is just around the corner and you there will be able to find what you need.

Although this beach has a lifeguard you must be aware of the currents during windy periods or when the flag on the beach is yellow or red. This beach is also known to be a great spot for bodyboarders when the tide is right.

The San Agustín beach has been hosting the Maspalomas Costa Canaria Soul Festival for free since 2015. Some of the best soul bands from all over the world have participated in this 3-day summer event. Everyone is welcome to enjoy one of the most fun family-orientated musical events on the south of the island.



Anfi del Mar beach is one of the jewels of Gran Canaria located outside the Aguineguín fishing village. This dreamy looking beach with fine, white Caribbean sand is sheltered by a bay and a heart-shaped marina. This beach is a must for those visiting the island for the first time.

Anfi del Mar beach

There are many watersport activities available on this beach like snorkeling, paddle boarding, jet skies, boat trips, and many other activities like beach volleyball.

Anfi del Mar beach is surrounded by the Anfi Hotels and Resort where there is a wide range of places to enjoy some nice food and cocktails.



Amadores beach is located just a small walk from the famous Puerto Rico resort in the southwest of Gran Canaria. These two beaches are linked by a seafront promenade. This man-made beach is more than 800 meters long and has a blue flag status since 2004 due to its quality services. Sheltered by two dykes,  this beach is perfect for those looking for a tranquil beach to sunbathe in and enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters.

Amadores beach

There are many amenities and watersports available at the beach. Amadores beach is the place to take a beginners scuba diving course or snorkel. Kids can also take a bubble scuba diving course here.

This beach has one of the best sunsets on the island with a view of Teide’s mountain in Tenerife while you enjoy one of the amazing cocktails or a cold beer at the many restaurants and bars on this family-friendly beach.



This fishing village in the municipality of Mogán is the most western touristic resort of the island. This beautiful and colorful town is worldwide known for having one of the best climates all year long in the world. The constant feeling of relaxation and stillness in time in this part of the island makes it an ideal place to visit during your holidays.

Puerto de Mogán beach

This golden sand beach has a bay the protects it and it is a safe family-friendly beach. It is a vibrant beach with many restaurants, shops and cafes close right next to it.



This newly build golden beach used to be a rocky beach. At the moment it is closed to the public and there is no parking spot available.

Tauro beach Gran Canaria

If you have a chance to go it is a great spot to snorkel. On the left side of the beach, you have what is known as Bufadero de Tauro. Young locals love to spend the day jumping off the 10-meter cliff (not recommended) and going into the cave when the tide is right. Many of the boat trips stop at this bay for a break if the currents are unsafe elsewhere.




Taurito Beach is located between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán. This fun family-friendly beach is a great stop to enjoy a nice and relaxing day sunbathing.

If you are lucky you’ll be able to find a free parking space but you can also use the private underground parking just next to the beach.

There are a few nice cafes, restaurants, and shop nearby. Also, you’ll be able to some watersports like the jet ski, banana ride, donut ride, and book a scuba diving session. This beach is great for snorkeling so don’t forget to bring your gear.

While your at this beach, on the left side, you might be able to stop the adventurous activity of coasteering that has its finishing stop at this beach.



Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the island’s biggest city and has one of the largest city beaches in Europe.

Las Canteras beach is a great, vibrant beach to visit with its many cafes, restaurants, and shops close along its walkway where you’ll be able to soak in the Canarian culture.

Las canteras beach Gran Canaria Las Palmas

The pleasant weather and the amazing waves all year round make it a hotspot for digitals nomads and surfers. Just next to Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the are many surf shops where to rent your boards or book a surf course.



Melenara beach in Telde is an excellent stop in the search for the best beaches on the island. During the weekends it gets very busy with locals looking to relax and enjoy some nice seafood in the many restaurants beside it.

This beach also has a blue flag status with a lifeguard and a dedicated water entry for wheelchair area adapted for accessible bathing. There is also a playground and a picnic area.

On the right side of the beach next to the pier, you’ll be able to see the sculpture of Neptuno. It looks really cool when the tide is high enough.


The first 3 beaches mentioned below have no direct access with the car but are great places to visit during your holidays. You’ll have to make your way down to them.


This secluded beach can only be accessed by boat or with a 3-hour hike. Everyone wants to go there as is it the most virgin beach on the island but not many make it there.




Just off the Maspalomas area, you have access to the Las Mujeres beach. This still a virgin beach without any buildings around it but it will soon be devoured by the brick mortar economic model.

This beach is frequently visited by locals. You have to park at the top of the hill and walk down to the beach (about 5 minutes walk).

It is a great spot to practice bodyboarding (not recommended for surfing) with a fun wave to do aerials and tricks. It is also known for being a dog-friendly beach and perfect to play beach tennis.




Next to the last-mentioned beach, we have the Montaña de arena beach.

It has a more complicated walk to get to but well worth the visit. There is a dirt parking area on the more western side of the beach and once you are there you’ll have to walk through a rocky pathway.

Also known for being a great beach for camping (when allowed) and for being a dog-friendly beach.



El Puertillo beach is a 120-meter long black sand beach with calm waters in the Arucas municipality. Bañaderos is frequently visited by the locals to get to its artificial and natural pools next to the beach. Here you can safely swim and snorkel.

El puertillo bañaderos beach gran canaria

There is a dirt parking area just next to the beach so you can easily visit it with kids and family. This beach also has a blue flag distinction and a lifeguard close by.

This beach is also recommended for surfing and bodyboarding. Waves are out of the bay area.


A few more ideas

  • Tiritañas beach
  • Meloneeas beach
  • Arguineguín beach
  • La Aldea de San Nicolás beach
  • Tufia beach

Let us know your thoughts on our list of fun beaches around the island. If there’s some were are missing that you think should be added to the list we’ll be happy to add it.


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